Stockpile & Cold Chain Management

Stockpile Management

STHC offers stockpile management service that is mission-critical and responsive. Our experienced stockpile management team is proficient in the knowledge and execution of the key activities.

During peacetime, we procure and maintain your stockpile of material, professionally managed with our logistics expertise. We perform dynamic forward planning to ensure the continual readiness of the stockpile in anticipatory activation.

In the event of a pandemic, our systems are rapidly triggered to commence distribution upon activation. Our transport networks are then utilised to full and immediate effect for the prompt dissemination of the stockpile to your directed destinations.

We commit to providing you the best possible stockpile management services from procurement to distribution, with the assurance of a ready and efficient task force for execution.

Cold Chain Management

Our Healthcare Logistic Hub Level 5 has a cold room/ freezer storage space for the storage of pharmaceuticals requiring cold chain and deep freezing. Temperature data loggers are utilised for daily monitoring of the storage conditions to ensure cold chain integrity for storage of therapeutic products, biologics/vaccines and blood/plasma products.