Healthcare Supply Chain
ST Healthcare’s Supply Chain Services was established to provide the focused delivery of services into the healthcare arena. By championing lean supply chain strategies that maximise systemic efficiency, we improve resource utilisation and contain healthcare cost while allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care delivery. Through strategic deployment of innovation and technology, we future proof Singapore’s healthcare logistics needs by enhancing visibility, resilience and productivity across the entire supply chain.

Workplace Safety and Health Services
ST Healthcare is one of the largest onsite screening service provider in Singapore, meeting the customised health screening needs of about 100,000 individuals annually. Our competency is built upon our integrated logistics and clinical capacity and capability to conduct efficient large scale screenings. Our capability is scalable to meet the demands of small and large companies alike.

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) – WHP Grant | WHP Services
We are a Health Promotion Board (HBP) accredited provider of WHP services with accredited WHP consultants. We assist companies from all industries in the planning and execution of WHP progammes, both with and without government grant assistance (WHP Grant). Our WHP programmes are provided by a team comprised of psychologists, dieticians, doctors and exercise trainers.

Clinic and Aviation Medicine
Operated by ST Healthcare, Singapore Aeromedical Centre (SAC) is a unique one-stop Specialist Aviation Medicine centre, providing both medical screening and physiological education and training of pilots and persons whose work involves the flight environment.

Besides specialised services is Aviation Medicine, Singapore Aeromedical Centre offers clinical services in both Occupational Medicine and Family Medicine (General Practice). The clinic has a comprehensive suite of equipment for diagnostic as well as screening purposes, like X-rays and audiograms (hearing tests). SAC also offers dental services within our premises.