Into-Hospital, ILTC & Home Supply Chain

Hospital Logistics

STHC partners you to streamline Hospital supply chain management. In our multi-client relationships with various hospitals, we deeply understand your needs for integrated solutions to optimize the supply chain.

We work closely with you on systematic data collection for extensive analysis, which will allow us to pinpoint strategic areas to leverage our logistics expertise to enhance your operations. Multiple possible solutions can be selected to cater to your needs, including on-site redesign of ward stores, off-site aggregated purchasing and storage, and meticulous inventory and materials management.

With jointly agreed deliverables and KPIs, our promise to deliver the best solution to you is the cornerstone of our hospital logistics service, partnering you with our expertise to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Home Healthcare Logistics

Home Healthcare Logistics is feature of a community-centric healthcare setting that is set to grow in the future. At STHC, we deeply understand this and are committed to providing the necessary support to help your organisation in this area.

We manage the collection and delivery of a variety of patient consumables, from pharmaceuticals to medical supplies and OTC drugs. With our extensive network and fleet of professional transport operators, STHC can help your business in the home healthcare logistics sector and tap onto a burgeoning market.

Courier Service

STHC offers courier services that are based on the twin promises of efficiency and reliability. Our fleet of professional and experienced transport personnel stand ready to deliver excellent service to you. Tap on our vast and extensive transport networks to deliver prompt and secure courier services to facilitate your business operations.

We possess the capability to transport a wide range of goods, from secured documents to cold chain pharmaceuticals. The integrity of your deliverables is of utmost importance to us, and we pride ourselves on the reliable distribution practices we continually uphold.

Our certified warehouses also serve as an additional layer of backup storage options in the event of activated return logistics to give you the assurance of safe and appropriate storage facilities.

Partner with us for a trusted, reliable and efficient courier service for your business.