Sourcing & Procurement

Dedicated Warehousing

We provide dedicated warehousing services, complete with our in-house technology, equipment and skilled personnel.

Understanding your specific warehousing needs, our experienced warehouse designers, engineers and industrial chemists stand ready to create customized solutions for your business.

Whether we design and construct a warehouse for your requirements, lease a warehouse on your behalf or customise a warehouse with fittings and equipment to suit your needs, we can work with you to implement a storage option that best suits you.

Multi-user Warehousing

Whether you require short, medium or long term warehousing, our multi-user facilities provide scalable cost-effective solutions that share the cost of resources and equipment.

Multi-user warehousing provides you with the opportunity to only pay for the space you need, with access to additional space and resources whenever your business requirements evolve.

The shared warehousing leverages on collective infrastructure and resources, allowing you to enjoy lower average costs together with multiple customers and maximise operational efficiencies.

Marshalled with stringent security measures, we ensure the integrity of your stocks with utmost diligence.

Our state of the art technology systems provide powerful visibility to respond to real time transactions and inventory allocation.

Sourcing & Procurement
Our professional sourcing and procurement experts skilfully handle your business needs, ensuring the engagement of best suppliers according to your product design and specifications.

From performing diligent market analysis in selection of the most suitable supplier, to conducting streamlined purchasing processes of the goods, our trusted management of sourcing and procurement partners you to maximize value to your business.