Workplace Health Promotion

General Health

Health Education
Corporate health seminars are an effective means to promote healthy lifestyles at the workplace. ST Healthcare provides a variety of health seminars ranging from chronic disease and occupational health to diet and nutrition. Apart from our regular topics, companies may also request for customised topics to suit their individual corporate needs.

Exercise and Sports – Regular physical activity is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and prevent diseases from developing. With long-working hours and busy schedules, people are finding it increasingly hard to find time to work out. Help employees overcome this problem by bringing the exercise to them.ST Healthcare provides an assortment of exercise classes that can be conducted at your work premises. These classes range from more upbeat high intensity classes like Kickboxing and Zumba to lower intensity classes like Yoga and Pilates.For offsite sporting activities such as bowling, badminton, cycling etc, ST Healthcare can assist in integrating these co-fundable activities into the WHP grant application. 

Healthy Lifestyles Activities Virtual Supermarket Tour – This is a 1-hour virtual supermarket tour that is conducted onsite in the company (not at the supermarket). Learn how to read food labels and what it means to select healthier food products at the supermarket. Samples of food products will be brought in for participants to have first hand practical experience of reading food labels. 

Sandwich Making Competition – In small groups of 2-3 everyone has a hand in creating a healthy, delicious sandwich. A dietician will render a short talk on health eating habits, followed by instructions for the healthy sandwich making competition. 

Health Cooking Demonstration – A trained chef, together with a dietician demonstrates how cooking healthy food can be both easy and delicious. Throughout this session participants learn about nutrition and are given tips and tricks on how to make their daily meals healthier. 

Canteen Food Assessment – A dietician works with your chefs/vendors to give practical suggestions on how to improve the healthiness of food served. The dietician will sample selected dishes, interview chefs on cooking practices and discuss possible changes. A final report of these discussions will be sent to the client. 

Training – Training is a great way to keep your staff motivated and up-to-date with industry trends and knowledge. Train staff to help create a safer and healthier workplace today.

Targeted Intervention

Targeted interventions are a specific set of programmes that reach out to higher risk groups. These interventions include Smoking Cessation, Weight Management and Chronic Disease programmes.

StepSix Smoking Cessation Programme

The StepSix Smoking Cessation programme aims to provide participants with a step-by-step plan to help smokers either quit or reduce smoking. This programme focuses on equipping smokers with practical techniques to help them stay off their cigarettes. It also provides smokers with the appropriate Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to give them the initial support for when they quit or reduced smoking.

The StepSix Smoking Cessation Programme is conducted by a trained smoking cessation counsellor. It is designed as a three-month long programme, comprising of an initial workshop followed by five, individual short Guidance and Support Sessions (GSS) over the course of three months. During each GSS, participants are given counseling support and are administered additional NRT if required.

EMBRACE Weight Management Programme

The EMBRACE Weight Management programme aims to equip participants with the tools and resources to make permanent lifestyle changes to achieve sustainable weight loss in a healthy, well-balanced manner.

It is designed as a three-month long programme, comprising of an initial workshop followed by a medical screening, one session with a nutritionist and weekly exercise sessions with a fitness instructor.

Chronic Disease Management Programme

The Chronic Disease Management programme is targeted at employees with diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol. It aims to equip participants with the tools and resources to make lifestyle changes to manage their chronic disease.

It is designed as a three-month long programme, comprising of an initial workshop followed by regular medical screenings, a session with a nutritionist and exercise sessions with a fitness instructor.

Mental Health

Promoting mental health at the workplace is important in boosting employee morale and overall wellbeing. It has been found that employees with good mental health are more engaged and productive at work. ST Healthcare aims to equip and empower employees with knowledge and skills to help employees thrive, maximise their potential and contribute positively to their workplaces. The services we provide include:


Stress Management
Learn how to manage stress using basic relaxation techniques and tips to better manage stressful situations.

Understanding Depression & Anxiety
Explore the different aspects of anxiety and depression and learn how to spot warning signs to reduce the risk of developing such illnesses.

Emotional Intelligence
Discover how to effectively manage and be more aware of your own emotions and the emotions of those around you.

Emotional Resilience
Learn about emotional resilience and be equipped with the skills to learn from life’s challenges and manage them more effectively.

Mental Health workshop for Managers
This 4-hour workshop aims to train senior level staff and managers in workplace mental health issues. Mental health problems can be avoided through early intervention and treatment. Participants will learn how workplace leaders can improve their ability to identify and effectively address problems to minimize mental health issues at work.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Personal or work problems can result in absenteeism, poor job performance, increased on-the-job accidents and higher medical costs. An EAP is a confidential counseling service, paid for by the employer, which is designed to address a broad range of employee problems. It can help employees with stressful problems that can interfere with their work performance or social functioning.

Under the EAP programme offered by ST Healthcare, employees are referred to a psychologist,by their supervisors, for one-to-one counseling sessions.