Civil & Military Pilot Consultations

Operated by ST Healthcare, Singapore Aeromedical Centre (SAC) is a unique one-stop Specialist Aviation Medicine centre, providing both medical screening and physiological education and training of pilots and persons whose work involves the flight environment.

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Licensing Medical Examinations – Class 1, 2 and 3

Flying licence medical examinations for the following countries:

  • USA (FAA)
  • Australia (CASA)
  • Canada (Canadian CAA)
  • South Africa (South Africa CAA)

Aviation Medicine Consultations and Consultancy – SAC Aviation Medicine Specialists can provide expert opinion and evaluation to determine a patient’s fitness to fly.

Tests available at our clinic:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • 24-hr blood pressure
  • 24-hr ECG (Holter)
  • Lung Function Test (Spirometry)
  • Audiometry
  • Tympanogram
  • Plain X-rays
  • Exercise treadmill
  • Grip strength
  • Hand dexterity (Purdue Pegboard)
  • Distance visual acuity
  • Near visual acuity
  • Colour vision (Ishihara and Lantern tests)
  • Stereoscopic (3D) vision
  • Eyeball pressure (tonometry)
  • Tests for squints
  • Visual field
  • Retina photography
  • Eye tests

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