Aviation Physiology Education & Training

Aviation Physiology Education teaches aircrew and aviation related personnel about the aviation environment, and its effects on the human who has to participate in activities in a high altitude medium.  The objective if such training is to ensure that the person operating in this environment is safe.

To complement our highly trained specialist staff educators, SAC operates a comprehensive suite of facilities for the conduct of didactic as well as practical training to simulate the stresses that aircrew may experience while operating in the very dynamic and hostile flight environment

Aviation Medicine/Physiology Training Packages:

SAC conducts pre-selected and customised Aviation Medicine training packages for aircrew and aviation-related personnel.  Training Courses comprise didactic lectures followed by practical training in our state-of-the-art simulators.  SAC is the only company in South East Asia which operates such aviation physiology simulators for commercial hire.

Other Training Packages/Courses:

SAC also conducts related training courses such as:

  • Fatigue and Fatigue Countermeasures
  • Human Performance
  • Crew Resource Management and Error Reduction

Equipment available at SAC:

  • Hypobaric Chamber
  • Spatial Disorientation Trainer(s)
  • Human Training Centrifuge
  • Ejection Seat Trainer
  • Night Vision Trainer

For more information regarding our Aviation Medicine/Physiology training courses and packages, or on any other customised training courses, please click here to go to our website.